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Pasadena, TX Dram Shop Liability Attorney

A Brief Summary of the Following Article:

  • Legal Risks: Dram shop liability claims pose serious risks to businesses serving alcohol, including severe financial damages and harm to the business’s reputation. These claims allege that a business contributed to an individual’s intoxication leading to a drunk driving accident.
  • Attorney Support: Fahl & Donaldson offers personalized legal support for businesses facing dram shop liability claims, leveraging extensive experience and skills to address unique concerns and defend clients effectively.
  • Defense Strategies: Key defense strategies in dram shop liability cases include failure to mitigate damages, assumption of risk, new and independent cause, and safe harbor. These strategies focus on reducing liability and proving independence.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: Fahl & Donaldson provides comprehensive legal assistance, including in-depth investigations, trial representation, and regular case updates, emphasizing a proactive approach to protect businesses’ reputations.

When it comes to running a business, especially one that serves alcohol, understanding and mitigating legal risks is crucial. Among these risks, dram shop liability claims are among the most critical. This type of claim can be brought against a business that sells or serves alcohol, alleging that the company contributed to the intoxication of an individual who later caused a drunk driving accident. The implications of these claims can be severe, ranging from financial damages to significant harm to your business’ reputation.

If your business is facing a dram shop liability claim, the stakes are too high to go without the dedicated representation of a seasoned legal professional. At Fahl & Donaldson, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you safeguard your business during these challenging disputes. We understand the weight of these claims and will leverage our extensive experience and skills to fight for you. We personalize our approach to every case and will work with you to ensure your unique concerns are addressed. 

Ways a Skilled Pasadena Dram Shop Liability Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Dram shop liability cases in Texas can be more complex and challenging than typical accident cases. Under Texas law, establishments can be held liable for damages caused by serving alcohol to a patron who is visibly intoxicated. The consequences of being found liable in such cases can cause irreparable harm to both your business’ finances and good name, making it vital to have a dedicated dram shop liability defense attorney on your side. 

At Fahl & Donaldson, our Pasadena, TX dram shop liability defense attorneys are equipped to offer tailored support for each unique case. This includes conducting an in-depth investigation into the accident and aggressively advocating for your interests. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step of Texas’ legal process, including presenting your case at trial if litigation becomes necessary. 

We focus on gathering crucial evidence and witness testimonies, answering all your legal questions, and keeping you informed about the status of your case. Our personalized approach is designed to meet the specific needs of your situation, ensuring the best possible defense for your business.

Defending Against Dram Shop Liability Claims

Because so much is at stake in dram shop liability cases, it is essential to understand how to defend your business. While every case is unique, you may be able to benefit from the following defense strategies:

Failure to Mitigate Damages

While accident victims can rarely prevent a collision, they can take steps to mitigate their risk of injury. For example, if the accident victim chose not to wear a seatbelt when the crash occurred, your Pasadena dram shop liability defense lawyer may be able to reduce your business’ liability. 

Assumption of Risk

Your attorney may be able to help your company avoid liability by asserting the accident victim was aware of and accepted the risk of injury. This defense may be applicable when a passenger knowingly rides with a visibly overserved driver. 

New and Independent Cause

This defense asserts that the dram shop’s actions did not cause the accident. Some factors that Texas courts use to determine if an outside force is responsible for the accident include the following:

  • The victim suffered a different type of injury they would not have otherwise suffered from the business overserving an intoxicated individual.
  • The cause of the accident was completely independent of the business’ conduct.

To pursue this defense, your attorney must admit wrongdoing on behalf of your business but also prove this wrongdoing did not contribute to the accident or the victim’s injuries. 

Safe Harbor

To pursue this defense, your attorney must prove that the actions of your bartender were independent of your business. Your Pasadena, Texas dram ship liability defense lawyer will work to establish that your business’ training methods and policies did not condone patrons to be overserved. 

Speak With a Knowledgeable Dram Shop Liability Defense Attorney at Fahl & Donaldson

Facing a dram shop liability claim requires more than just legal knowledge. It also demands a proactive approach to protect your business’s reputation and future. At Fahl & Donaldson, our dedicated team of Pasadena dram shop liability defense lawyers understands the severity of these challenges and is committed to offering comprehensive, personalized legal support. 

We thoroughly assess every aspect of your case and stand by you every step of the way. When you retain our services, you can rest assured your case is in the capable hands of a seasoned legal professional. To schedule a free consultation with our legal team, call us today at (346) 241-7355 or complete our contact form