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Defense Of Insured & Self-Insured Claims

At Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC, we defend insured claims, claims against self-insureds and claims against parties with a high self-insured retention. We also represent clients directly against claims arising from personal injury, death, property damage, trucking accidents, product liability, professional malpractice, construction disputes and other disputes.

We vigorously represent the insured with a focus on minimizing damages paid by them and their insurer and keeping insurance premiums affordable. While we are accomplished trial lawyers with a long record of courtroom successes, our advocacy extends to mediation and arbitration with the goal of keeping our clients out of court.

When Disputes Arise, Put Us On Your Side

Sometimes carriers do not provide coverage when they should, and sometimes carriers fail to properly adjust claims. We represent policyholders in first-party claims against carriers that do not comply with the terms of their insuring agreement, including property, liability and builder’s risk insurance. Usually such claims arise due to property damage, business interruption, defective work, loss of use, vandalism and/or destruction of a project prior to completion.

Our attorneys have experience pursuing claims due to conduct that violates the Texas Business and Commerce Code and the Texas Insurance Code, and/or conduct that qualifies as bad-faith practices.

We represent a wide variety of clients, including businesses involved in trucking and transportation, industrial and commercial construction, public works, oil and gas, and other energy-related projects.

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