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Houston Construction Lawyers

Businesses operating within the construction industry understand the various legal complexities occupying every regulation and business contract. Because construction projects often involve multiple parties and collaborations, there is plenty of room for disputes and legal issues to arise. However, for a successful project to occur, it’s vital to implement protective measures, manage risks, and immediately respond to problems that arise. 

Navigating these challenges requires professional legal representation and counsel. Our Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience protecting the rights of those within the construction industry. We understand Texas’ unique construction laws and processes and deliver our clients the knowledge and counsel they need for a smooth project and partnership. To receive tailored legal guidance, schedule a free consultation with our firm by calling 346-241-7355 today.

Who We Represent

Our Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC attorneys represent clients engaged in the design and construction of commercial buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, heavy civil public works projects, power generation plants and transmission facilities, chemical plants, refineries, pipelines, maritime-related projects, hospitals, schools and higher education facilities, churches, and multi-family residential projects.

The following consistently retain Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC, for guidance and representation through all phases of a construction project:

  • Owners
  • Engineers
  • EPC contractors
  • General contractors
  • Construction managers
  • Design-build contractors
  • Lenders
  • Sureties
  • Subcontractors
  • Fabricators
  • Suppliers 

Our attorneys advise and represent clients during all project phases, including project planning and development, design, procurement, and construction. Whether you are beginning a project or are currently facing legal complications, give our team a call and learn how we can help.

When Should You Hire a Houston Construction Lawyer?

The best time to consult and contact a Houston construction attorney is before a project starts. When you hire an attorney before a project begins, your lawyer will have time to develop solid plans, strategies, and contracts that benefit your business and prevent any issues from arising. However, if you’ve already started a project, signed a contract, or submitted a proposal,  you should still seek legal representation from a construction attorney. 

From employee disputes to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations, having a lawyer on your side will provide vital protection. Our Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC lawyers understand your challenges and offer the following services to our clients:

  • Front-End Engineering Contracts
  • Detailed Engineering and Design Contracts
  • EPC Contracts
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Plant Maintenance and Construction Agreements
  • Procurement Agreements
  • Owner-Contractor Agreements – Stipulated Sum (Lump Sum)
  • Owner-Contractor Agreements – Cost of the Work Plus a Fee (with or without a maximum guaranteed price)
  • Construction Management Agreements – At Risk and Advisor
  • Design-Build Agreements
  • Owner- Contractor Energy Savings Performance Contracts
  • Owner-Architect Agreements
  • Owner-Engineer Agreements
  • Subcontract Agreements
  • Risk Management Programs

By handling the above, our clients receive real-time resolution of disputes involving defective design, defective construction, bid protests, the scope of work issues, performance bond defaults, termination, force majeure, start-up, warranty, unforeseen conditions, and other construction-related disputes. Contact our construction attorneys as soon as possible to protect your assets and project.

How Our Team Manages Dispute Resolution

We work to resolve disputes as they arise. That means real-time resolution of disputes involving defective design, defective construction, bid protests, scope of work issues, schedule delay and disruption, mechanics’ and material men’s liens, contractor default, payment bond claims, performance bond defaults, termination, force majeure, start-up, warranty, unforeseen conditions, and other construction-related disputes.

Our Houston construction lawyers can timely negotiate practical and reasonable resolutions that help keep the project moving forward to completion. In most cases, litigation or arbitration can be avoided, and business relationships can be preserved. However, if going to court is the best way to protect your interests, we are trial-ready and will aggressively fight for you in court or in an arbitration hearing.

Handling Payment & Performance Bonds

Failure of a contractor or subcontractor to pay its subcontractors and/or suppliers usually results in work stoppage, delay to the schedule, breach of contract, default, and termination. The payment bond surety must determine if the claims are valid and if the claims are perfected. We have the experience to work with the surety and the contractor to determine if a claim is valid and if a claim has been perfected under the Texas Property Code, the Texas Government Code, or the Miller Act.

Default and/or insolvency of a contractor usually results in the contractor being unable or unwilling to complete the project. When this occurs, the owner will declare the contractor in default and make a demand on the performance bond surety to complete the project.

Our construction law attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help the performance bond surety, the contractor/principal and/or the owner/obligee to navigate a bad situation. We can help you determine (a) the scope of work required to complete the project; (b) if the defaulting contractor should be assisted in completing the project; (c) if a completion contractor should be tendered; (d) if the bond proceeds should be paid to the obligee; or (e) another alternative.

Third parties, such as lenders, taxing authorities, etc., become involved with competing claims to the contract balance and claims against the performance bond and (occasionally) the payment bond. Often the surety and the insurance companies become adverse parties. Insurance companies that have provided liability, property, or builder’s risk insurance to the owner, contractor, or subcontractors often become involved in claims involving defective design, defective construction, or damage to the work. This situation can be difficult when the bond principal and the insured are the same company.

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When planning a large construction project, your responsibilities and tasks require considerable time and energy. In order to ensure no legal issues or problems arise, it is vital to speak with a professional Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC attorney. Our Houston construction attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience serving clients across the Texas Gulf Coast area and statewide. 

As a smaller firm, we offer personalized, attentive, and communicative legal representation our clients can count on and trust. Our proven legal acumen and long record of success in arbitrations, litigation, and negotiations have provided widespread assistance to clients throughout the state. We travel to you and assist with the planning and development of construction projects, as well as through the design, procurement, and construction phases of a project. Speak with a team member and schedule a free consultation today by calling 346-241-7355 or completing our contact form.