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5 Steps to Take in Preparing Your Truck Company for a Possible Lawsuit

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Truck Accident Defense

In severe truck accident claims, a jury may award the plaintiff thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars in compensation for damages. When your company is going up against a dangerous injury lawsuit, you will need to immediately take action to support your business and prevent potential harm to your company. 

Handling a lawsuit without professional legal representation places your business at significant risk. As soon as a driver gets into an accident or you are informed about a potential lawsuit, contact an experienced lawyer and discuss your situation and needs.

5 Steps to Take in Preparing Your Truck Company for a Possible Lawsuit

Highway accident claims are a major cost for trucking companies, both financially and for the business’s reputation. While you may not be able to avoid every legal claim against your business, there are a few options to prevent significant losses. 

Hire an Attorney

The best way to prepare and reduce the likelihood of a severe legal outcome is to hire a highly-qualified attorney. Having an experienced individual with thorough, up-to-date knowledge of Texas legislation and legal strategies is vital for a smooth legal process. A lawyer will understand the potential arguments and evidence used against your company and will have the resources to properly combat those approaches. 

Gather Documents and Evidence

Trucking companies with organized records and information will be able to clearly and accurately find information vital for the accident claim. A lawyer will investigate and analyze these details for any potential legal issues or opportunities for helpful evidence. Some examples of these essential documents include the following: 

  • Log books
  • Driver records
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Disciplinary history
  • Training program documents
  • Proof of implemented training programs
  • Details of training programs’ impact

Having these documents ready and easily accessible in the event that law enforcement requests these details is vital for your case. Showing investigators your company is organized and has structured systems to ensure organization increases your chances of a favorable outcome.  

Review Insurance Coverage Limits

After reviewing the type of lawsuit your company faces, you will want to check your insurance coverage limits. When you have a professional lawyer, they can review these documents with you and offer honest guidance on your best legal options.

Explore Litigation Alternatives

There are many alternatives available to resolve the issue without going through litigation. Pre-trial settlements are often quicker, less costly, and less risky for both parties. Having dispute resolution allows both parties to agree on a solution that works best for them. 

Limit Communications Without a Lawyer Present 

Once the other party files a lawsuit, you will want to limit or stop communication between you and the defendant. Anything you or your company says can be used against you in court. From the point a claim is filed, all communication between the parties is best done through legal professionals.

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