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The attorneys at Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC know insurance law. Our attorneys understand the arguments that juries want to hear and the strategies that produce results. Whether your issue involves life, property, casualty, automotive or disability insurance, our attorneys have the knowledge and the skill to help you successfully resolve the problem and move forward with your life. Each of the attorneys in our negligence and tort liability team has extensive litigation experience. We provide the committed representation you need to protect your business. Our attorneys focus their insurance practice in the following areas:

  • Insurance litigation and appeals
  • First-party claims
  • Third-party claims
  • Claim management consulting
  • Motor vehicle claims
  • Construction claims
  • Analysis and interpretation of insurance policies

We provide skilled advocacy in disputes over:

  • The nature and extent of coverage held by the insured party
  • Alleged insurer bad faith in claim handling
  • Alleged insurer violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act
  • Alleged violations of the Texas Insurance Code
  • Misrepresentations or omissions allegedly made by policyholders at the time of application or about the incident from which the claim arises
  • The cost of property repairs or medical treatment that may be unnecessary or excessive

Our attorneys are highly trained professionals who work to educate our clients and protect their rights. For example, knowing the difference between a first-party claim and a third-party claim can be critical to choosing the proper insurance coverage for yourself or your business. A first-party claim involves the insurance company’s refusal to pay benefits on a claim submitted by a policyholder. Third-party claims arise when an insurance company either fails to defend a suit brought by a third party against an insured or fails to pay on a claim asserted by a third party against the insured.

Knowing your rights is the first step to finding a solution to your legal problems, and we are dedicated to guiding you through the process to make sure you receive the coverage you bought. Our firm has a proven record of successful settlements and jury verdicts, and is comfortable with handling even the most complex cases.

At Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC, we defend insured claims, claims against self-insureds and claims against parties with a high self-insured retention. We also represent clients directly against claims arising from personal injury, property damage, product liability, professional malpractice, construction disputes and other disputes. We vigorously represent the insured in an attempt to minimize damages paid by them and their insurer and keep insurance premiums affordable. While we are accomplished trial lawyers, our advocacy extends to mediation and arbitration with the goal of keeping our clients out of court.

Sometimes carriers do not provide coverage when they should, and sometimes fail to properly adjust claims. We represent policy holders in first party claims against carriers that do not comply with the terms of their insuring agreement, including property, liability and builder’s risk insurance. Usually such claims arise due to property damage, business interruption, defective work, loss of use, vandalism and/or destruction of a project prior to completion. Our attorneys have experience pursuing claims due to conduct that violates the Texas Business and Commerce Code and the Texas Insurance Code, and/or conduct that qualifies as bad-faith practices.

At Fahl & Donaldson, PLLC we have the necessary experience litigating insurance matters in Texas state and federal courts and are committed to resolving your legal problems and protecting your interests.

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