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5 Ways To Stay in Compliance As a Texas Trucking Company

by | Apr 14, 2024 | Truck Accident Defense

In the fast-paced trucking industry, compliance is critical to making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. The industry is governed by a comprehensive set of regulations, including safety and environmental standards. Not adhering to these regulations can result in significant penalties, disrupt operations, and negatively affect your company’s reputation. If you are facing compliance issues, having an experienced attorney on your side is critical to help you navigate these legal challenges and prevent future errors.

At Fahl & Donaldson, our trucking defense attorneys are committed to helping you achieve your business goals. We understand how costly and time-consuming compliance issues can be, and we will do everything we can to achieve a favorable outcome on your behalf. We have extensive experience helping trucking companies protect their business interests and are ready to fight for you. 

How to Stay in Compliance as a Texas Trucking Company

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has regulations in place to protect the well-being of truck drivers and others on the road. Understanding common compliance violations can help you avoid falling into these pitfalls. A few compliance issues to be aware of include the following:

Hours of Service Regulations

These rules restrict the duration truck drivers are permitted to drive, aiming to curb tiredness and enhance safety. Trucking companies must ensure their drivers adhere to Hours of Service (HOS) mandates and have systems in place to record and document hours. Non-compliance with these regulations could result in penalties as steep as $11,000 for each infraction.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The FMCSA requires trucking companies to test drivers for drugs and alcohol, maintain a written policy, and follow strict reporting rules. Companies with CDL drivers must conduct pre-employment tests and enroll drivers in a random testing program. Failing to meet these requirements results in thousands of dollars in fines per violation.

Maintenance and Repair

Trucking companies must ensure their vehicles are in optimal condition, documenting all maintenance and repairs accurately. This involves performing routine checks and addressing repairs promptly. While many rely on traditional recordkeeping, adopting a digital approach for recording can help your company stay organized and in compliance. Failing to adhere to these regulations can lead to significant penalties.

Hiring Practices

To stay in compliance, your company must hire qualified drivers. Some requirements include being proficient in English, being 21 or older, and holding a commercial driver’s license. Failure to comply with these and other critical hiring requirements can result in fines of over $6,000.

Insurance Coverage

Trucking companies must maintain the appropriate insurance for their vehicles and drivers while implementing verification systems to keep the coverage up-to-date. Securing appropriate insurance aligns with the FMCSA prerequisites for acquiring trucking operating authority for your business.

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Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is crucial for safeguarding your business’s future. At Fahl & Donaldson, we understand the importance of adherence to these complex regulations in the trucking industry. Our legal team is well-versed in guiding companies through the intricate legal process and will fight for your rights and interests at every step. With a proven track record of helping firms stay on the right side of the law, we’re here to support your compliance efforts and shield your business from liability.

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