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Truck accident defense: The importance of agile, responsive representation in uncertain times

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Truck Accident Defense

Since the pandemic really took hold in the United States, general road traffic has decreased, but trucking and shipping have increased. More people are ordering products and services from home, so commercial trucking companies have stayed fairly busy.

One thing remains the same: for trucking companies and their insurers, accidents are always costly. Transportation companies need legal representation that remains agile and effective, even in uncertain times.

‘Big law’ is struggling

Big corporate law firms are struggling with their significant overhead from the big rent for premium space, staffing and high salaries. Often the offices are made up of bullpen cubicles for staff and too many people per square foot. If quarantine becomes necessary, the office could be shut down. They will not tell you the number of positive cases in their firm. Nor will they tell you how many layoffs they had to do, or how many cases are now overloading the remaining attorneys and paralegals. They will not tell you that their attorneys and staff are scattered to the winds working from home.

However, smaller firms — like ours — can run lean and work aggressively while having a safer environment to work from. These considerations should be taken into account when you are choosing a trucking accident defense attorney to represent your company.

Minimizing risk and protecting your business

Determining fault in a truck accident case is not always easy. The bottom line is that the truck driver is not always at fault in a collision, and each party’s driving behavior must be carefully assessed.

Even when state troopers and the highway patrol think they understand what happened, there might be details that indicate otherwise when the accident is thoroughly investigated by a truck accident defense lawyer.

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