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The following are a few select result highlights from over 75 trials…

  • Death – Commercial Motor Vehicle turning left at night across a divided highway. Deceased under rode trailer. Defense Verdict. No negligence on Defendant driver and company. (Cravens)
  • Death – Commercial Motor Vehicle turning left in the fog across a 4-lane highway. Deceased under rode trailer. Defense Verdict. No negligence on Defendant driver and company. (Mata)
  • Serious Injury – Commercial Motor Vehicle. Defendant driver going through intersection striking Plaintiff who was working on traffic light above intersection in bucket of a bucket truck. Driver Defendant not present at trial nor any deposition testimony. Defense Verdict. 89% negligence on Plaintiff. Recovery barred. (Robledo)
  • Serious Injury – School bus accident with SUV during lane change. $150,000 medical for rotator cuff repair and total knee replacement.  Defense Verdict.  51% negligence on Plaintiff. Recovery barred. (Ortegon)
  • TBI – Dump truck stopped on Bridge Channel Bridge and rear ended by car with back seat passenger sustaining TBI (Plaintiff Attorney argued severe/Defense Counsel argued moderate). Demand of $4.4 million. Successful result. Defendant driver found only 30% at fault for a $466,000 judgment. (Jehanger)
  • Serious Injury – Truck Trailer automobile accident. The Defendant was spraying green hydro-mulch on the side of a 50-mph feeder road. Insured Defendant Driver of the Defendant’s truck was intoxicated at 11:30 in the morning.  He had two workers behind the truck holding the spray hose in the inside lane of three possible lanes.  There were no cones or vests or flag men.  The Plaintiff, a 71-year-old, drove into the back of the trailer killing one worker and injuring himself with $375,000 in medical bills.  The jury found 80% negligence on the Plaintiff an 20% negligence on the Defendant. Defense Verdict: No recovery based on comparative negligence of the Plaintiff. (Ainsworth)
  • Serious Injury – Motorcycle /Cow: The Plaintiff was traveling at 4:30 a.m. on a 55mph state highway and hit a cow that was crossing the road with several other cows. He suffered a broken jaw in two places and was life flighted. The plaintiff alleged that the Defendant owned the cow and that it came from one of his many leases near the road.  They introduced non-specific incidents of other cow sightings in the area for the past 6 months. Defendant had a lease from where he had removed his cattle.  He had allowed a friend to put that friend’s cattle on the lease at no charge. He had other leases but had not had any missing cattle.  A fence on the lease with his friend’s cattle was taken down by the Flood Control District. The friend did not have insurance and was non-suited the eve of trial. Plaintiff claimed that the cow was either under the control of Defendant in a joint enterprise with his friend or was actually a cow of Defendant’s from another track and he had disposed of the cow to avoid it being identified.  There was a Policy limit demand for $1,000,000 pre-trial.  The plaintiff had specials of $150,000.  Defense Verdict: No negligence by 10-2 verdict. (Newlin)
  • Death – Commercial Motor Vehicle accident: Tractor Trailer was passing a vehicle in the left lane of a 4-lane highway divided by a concrete barrier. The trailer swung over the barrier pulling the tractor and slid into oncoming traffic killing the driver of a pickup truck. The widow and two adult sons filed suit alleging negligence and excessive speed. Defendant driver appeared by deposition at trial. Lowest Demand: $750,000. Pre-trial offer: $255,000. Jury found no negligence on Defendants (10-2 verdict). Zero award.  Defense Verdict: No Negligence on Defendant driver. (Moore)
  • Death – Commercial Motor Vehicle: Truck pulled out from stop sign to cross highway in front of 21-year old deceased traveling on highway who was killed in accident. Only child of mother and adoptive father plaintiffs. $375,000 offer rejected by plaintiff day of trial.  Jury placed 45% negligence on deceased and 55% negligence on truck driver and company.  Net award $204,000.  Successful result: Award $171,000 less than settlement offer.  (Huling)
  • Fire/Property Damage Retailer/Dealer liability: RV that burned: Plaintiff bought RV from Defendant who subsequently repaired several problems. The RV later burned engulfing the Plaintiff’s house and pickup.  Plaintiff settled with manufacturers of RV and component parts.  Tried case against Defendant retail dealer. Defense verdict: No Defendant negligence. After two appeals, Defense counsel obtained a Motion for Summary Judgement recovering all defense costs and prejudgment interest based on retailer indemnity statute. (Hardsteen)
  • Death – Commercial Wrecker Defendant driver hit a 78-year-old man on a moped.  Plaintiff’s alleged faulty brakes on Defendant. Defendant alleged that Plaintiff pulled out in front of him without enough distance to stop.  Defense verdict – No negligence on Defendant driver. (Costello)
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